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Highland Nature Sanctuary

While you’re staying at Lazy H Cabins in Bainbridge, OH, you should take the opportunity to visit some of the attractions in the area, like the Highlands Nature Sanctuary. Home to the oldest and largest Arc of Appalachia preserve, Highlands Nature Sanctuary is just 5 minutes away from Lazy H Cabins.

Highlands Nature Sanctuary is home to the Appalachian Forest Museum, lots of hiking trails—including the old 7 Caves Trails—and tons of breathtaking scenery. Make sure to visit the Rocky Fork Gorge in the heart of the sanctuary, which boasts a 100-foot high steep-walled canyon full of ancient white cedars, wildflowers, stone arches and much more!

The Appalachian Forest Museum is the first museum worldwide that’s dedicated to educating the public about temperate forest biomes. Featuring stunning murals, tree replicas and the Valley of the Ancients Trail, this museum provides the perfect learning experience, whether you’re viewing the exhibits yourself or with the whole family. The museum also has free admission, making it both an educational and affordable activity.

To learn more about the Highlands Nature Sanctuary, visit

Before and after your visit to the sanctuary, you can rest in one of our cabins complete with every amenity you need to be comfortable. Friend us on Facebook for more exciting attractions in the area.

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